JUMP into a Summer Evening

Summer is always a bustling time filled with events and activities. The warmer weather always brings these weddings, parties, and social events outdoors. With all these festivities planned (and the oftentimes unbearable heat) it’s difficult for a gal to look her best. Fret not, though, because this year is the perfect time for you to jump into a summer evening. Put that LBD (Little Black Dress) away and reach for the jumpsuit. Summer 2015 brings about the jumpsuit as the new cocktail dress. This is an awesome throwback item that is attractive on most all body types.

There are so many styles and options that it’s easy for you to find the perfect fit. I’ve gathered a few looks together in four different categories to help you get a jump on your shopping. All of the looks in the photos come from H&M, Zara, and Forever 21.

Jumpsuit 3

Going for a simple look with a dramatic flair? These sleek and sleeved options bring boldness with their solid color, but remain streamlined and sexy while keeping your arms covered.

Jumpsuit 2

Kicking it up a notch from the monochromatic look, these cut-out and sheer details add another level of sass. A tasteful appearance of skin add appropriate sex appeal for any age, but still allows you to be a lady.

Jumpsuit 4

If the thought of a jumpsuit isn’t completely jumping out at you, consider one of these options with full legs. You have the look of a maxi dress, but the comfort and style of the jumpsuit. The flowing legs will definitely add a flirty detail to those summer evenings.

Jumpsuit 1

If you are wanting to make the ultimate summer impact, take a huge leap and try your hand at a printed jumpsuit. With a multitude of prints and patterns, you can find the perfect look that fits your personality.

Whether you have a casual evening with friends for a patio party or a swanky cocktail hour at the yacht club, jump full speed ahead and make a splash with this hot summer must have. You can rock it as is or even layer your look with a cardigan or blazer for a completely different look. Also remember that hemlines can easily be altered. If you aren’t six foot tall and a size 2, who cares…have yours hemmed to give the illusion of height. Make it work to fit your style and boy type.

Regardless of how you jump into it, this sizzling piece will definitely keep your summer appearances hopping as you beat the heat to stay stylish!




A SUCKER for the Season

With the celebration of freedom during Memorial Day weekend, we also welcome the warmth of summer. I know that the first official day of summer isn’t until June 21, but something about Memorial Day just brings the image of summertime. As the daylight hours get longer, the lemonade gets colder, and outdoor adventures get more frequent, summer is such a fun time of the year…it’s kinda like Christmas, with a tan!

As you are attending all your fun festivities of the season, you want to make sure that you find yourself in the Kings Court of the Season…The House of SEERSUCKER! Not just for slow talkin’, southern politicians anymore, seersucker is available in a variety of pieces that make it easy to incorporate it into your warm weather wardrobe. Not to leave you hanging, I have come up with some inspiration pieces to get you started.

Ladies, you have tons of opportunities to bring the King into your looks.

TSS Women's Seersucker

From dresses to jackets and anything in between, you can effortlessly embody the traditional southern image.

  • Look fun and flirty in a great strapless number from Old Navy. Paired with a white denim jacket, this is the perfect casual and classy look that would have you ready for any evening shindig.
  • Straying away from the traditional blue seersucker, a tan print cropped pant is an essential summer item to pair with anything from a t-shirt to a gauzy top.
  • For a completely casual look, pair a utility style jacket with a pair of shorts in a pop of color like green or coral.
  • A seersucker skirt with an eyelet overlay gives a dramatic look of texture and pattern without being too fussy.
  • A classic cut long sleeve button up in a colored seersucker is cool and casual and compliments anything from white, denim, or a bold color.
  • For a dressier look, don a more structured blazer with a simple top and a great chino. This look is even suitable for summer casual wear to the office.

Gentlemen, I haven’t forgotten about you either! The quintessential fabric of any southern gentleman, seersucker is the denim of the summer. Pair it with anything, and dress it up or down.

TSS Men's Seersucker

Cool and breathable, you’ll definitely be a dapper dandy by incorporating any of these great items into your looks.

  • Attending a wedding? A dressier summer soiree? Or just want to turn up for cocktails and dinner? A seersucker blazer has you covered. If you’re feeling froggy, go ahead and buy an entire seersucker suit so you can mix and match all season long.
  • Fun and festive, these two color seersucker shorts are the perfect piece for summer outings. Pair with a t-shirt for a casual look, or a white button up for a more classic feel.
  • Found in a variety of color options, this slim fit long sleeve button up could easily become a weekend go-to. Whether you join it with shorts, chinos, or denim, this shirt can take you from morning adventures to evening outings.
  • Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man! This suit vest is a sleek and polished look for an alternative dressier look. A simple white button up and almost any color chino will complete this outfit with ease. Throw on a bow tie and you’ll be the beau of the ball.
  • Summer is the perfect time to experiment with more graphic looks like these seersucker pants with embroidered details. I mean, what goes better with seersucker than glasses of lemonade.
  • Tie one on this summer with a slim cut seersucker tie. A perfect addition to your favorite jeans and a button up, add a touch of southern prep to an otherwise simple outfit.

So whether you’re headed to the pier for a day of sunshine or rubbing elbows with old money at an evening event, these affordable seersucker options will definitely keep you in the KINGS court during the heated season. Take this warm weather time to add some classic seersucker to your wardrobe. Even in the humid heat of summer, being a SUCKER for the season is a sure way for you to stay stylish!

Bring Home The MOTHERload!

She’s the first person to ever love you, while also being the person who can push your buttons the most. Moms are a great blessing to have in our lives and we should celebrate them for all they’ve done for us over the years.

Chad and Tam

The original Stylish Steed! My mom is always so supportive of me and all my endeavors.

To help you out as you prepare for Mother’s Day weekend, here is a MOTHERload of gift ideas that will bring a smile to the face of your mom!

Mothers Day Gift Items

Just remember this little acronym…all about MOTHER’S DAY!

M is for MUAH! for all the kisses she has given you over the years. Give mom a fresh and vibrant look with Mary Kay’s True Dimensions Lipstick in Wild About Pink. This bold color is a great pop for spring and summer, but can also be muted down for the more demure damsels.

O is for the OUT STRETCHED ARMS that were always ready to embrace you. Adorn those loving arms with a beautiful bracelet from Off The Cuff. This collection uses natural fresh water pearls to create charming pieces for any occasion.

T is for all the things she has TOTED for you. Moms have a heavy load to carry, so why not make it easier for her with a versatile, yet stylish Double-Handled Printed Tote from Talbots. A spacious tote with a colorful print is just what mommy dearest needs to complete her warm weather wardrobe.

H is for the HARD HEADED woman that doesn’t give an inch. There is no winning in an argument with mom! Give that hard head some protection from the summer sun with an iconic Striped Straw Spectator Hat. Whether mom is headed to the beach, working in the yard, or just making a fashion statement in town, this straw topper from Land’s End is a must have for any woman.

E is for EVERY STEP SHE’S WALKED BESIDE YOU. Mom has journeyed with you for many miles. Help her take care of her tootsies in style with these fashionable Espadrilles from DSW. With just enough lift to be interesting, while still functional, this classic footwear is a perfect match for any mother with style.

R is for REMEMBERING THE LOVE. Mom has given a lot of loving times for us to remember. Give her a new scent of love with Mary Kay’s Limited Edition Thinking of Love parfum. This subtle collection of floral scents is sure to please mom and help her remember the love you have for her.

S is for the times she SWADDLED you close to her. Have your mom wrapped up again in this festive and colorful Paisley Summer Scarf from Land’s End. This accessory is both stylish and versatile, allowing mom to use it in a multitude of ways.

D is for the DRAMA QUEEN that she can be. Give mom even more of a dramatic flair with this Turquoise Stone Statement Necklace from Sam Moon. Mom can pair this with everything from a LBD (little black dress) to jeans and a white button up. She’ll be more dramatic than ever in this eye catching piece.

A is for the AFTER SCHOOL SNACKS she always had prepared for you. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich was nice, but it doesn’t hold a candle to these Assorted Macarons from ‘Lette Macarons. These tasty treats come in a variety of packages and can ship directly to mom. You will definitely help her satisfy a sweet tooth with this special gift.

Y is for YEARS OF GOLDEN TIME you’ve shared together. Those golden years together are time that you will always remember. Show mom how golden she really is with a set of Burnish Gold Midi Rings. The newest trend in rings, these aged gold rings are worn on the digits of the fingers and create a unique look to accentuate your other jewelry pieces.

Take this time to celebrate mom and let her know how much you appreciate and love her. May 10 is quickly approaching. Get out there and bring home the MOTHERload for that special lady you call mom! Showing love to our mothers is the best way to stay stylish!

Spring/Summer Fashion Must-Haves

Spring has FINALLY sprung! The bitter chill of winter is hopefully gone for good and we can begin to look toward rising temperatures and refreshing sunshine. As we turn our thermostats away from heat, we also start bringing those brighter colors and lighter garments to the front our closets. As you prep from the season change I have your 5 Must-Haves for Spring/Summer.

Flower Power
Whether it’s a big and bold or minute and delicate, the floral print is going to be seen everywhere. This print is great to incorporate into you looks because they always come in a variety of color palettes. Find a specific print that suits your taste and build a eye catching look.

Floral Pieces

Available in so many styles, the floral print is seen in a multitude of garments, complementing any outfit whether dressy, casual, or anything in between.

Denim, Denim, Denim
A staple item since Noah loaded the ark, denim continues to make a showing during the upcoming, warmer months. This iconic piece will be seen this spring and summer in all shades and shapes.

denim pieces

Polished and structured or casual and flirty, denim goes with everything. Venture out of your comfort zone and try some pieces that you haven’t worn before. Bring in a denim tunic with your chinos, rock a dark wash denim dress, or even pair your lighter wash denim jacket with dark wash jeans for an all over denim look. Regardless your choice, denim is dominating!

Spring ’em Gingham
We aren’t in Kansas anymore, Dorothy! This print, commonly associated with picnics and Dorothy Gale, is bringing life to your wardrobe during the warmer months.

gingham pieces

This must-have is by far my favorite. I am a huge fan of gingham. It has such a southern vibe and is a great print that layers well, but is also strong enough to stand alone.  From shirts and skirts to accessorizes, gingham is a print that you definitely want to include in your looks during spring and summer.

Lacey Gracey
The epitome of femininity, lace is abounding in the upcoming season. A simple top or a dramatic full lace dress, these pieces are not trendy at all, but a classic and timeless piece of grace and elegance.

lace pieces

She’s got style, she’s got flair! There is no wrong way to wear lace. If you are intimidated by it, consider trying a simple lace flat. Adding a small accessory of lace is a great way to baby step into this look.

On The Fringe
Tapping into a Bohemian look, fringe is making a big appearance in fashion this season. One must be careful as this look can get…what’s the word I’m look for? Trashy? Cheap? Scandalous! This look can get scandalous. However, with careful placement and selection, fringe can be a wonderful wardrobe piece.

fringe pieces

Find that mix between Woodstock hippie and Gatsby party-goer and you have hit the jackpot. From accessories and shoes to dresses and tops, fringe is everywhere. Creating movement and life, fringe pieces showcase an eye-catching look.

Spring has sprung! Take time to stop and smell the roses…and do it in style with these 5 must-haves for the season. Take spring by storm and revamp your wardrobe with some awesome statement pieces that are sure to turn heads. Warmer days are coming! Are you prepared to stay stylish?


Pushing His Buttons

Virginia Beach native, Jason Button, is keeping things tied up in Alabama’s capital city. The son of a skilled woodworker and a cross-stitching mother, Button has set out to create a business that provides the gents with quality bow ties and pocket squares.

button's bow ties

Button’s Bow Ties, a new development that began earlier this year, was never an initial plan for Button. With a career in industrial distribution, one doesn’t need a necktie for the office, but Button established his love for ties years ago. As a wardrobe requirement during his collegiate years, Button grew tired of donning an average necktie and found bow ties to be a fun alternative. However, even with his love for bow ties, Button says that fashion is not his forte.

So how does a man with no background in fashion set out to create a men’s line of bow ties and pocket squares?

By accident, of course! It all started with a search for watercolors. What was planned to be a creative weekend of painting ended up as a business venture that is opening doors for this busy, family man from Montgomery. While trying to locate the watercolors from storage, Button came across an old tie of his wife’s grandfather. After a brief tutorial from his sister-in-law, a very able seamstress, and some online research, Button quickly discovered how he could convert this old neck tie into a functioning bow tie. Through trial and error, paired with his parent’s influential work ethic and attention to detail, Button’s Bow Ties was born. It also doesn’t hurt that Button spent some time in his college art department, even considering Graphic Design for a career. You can definitely see his natural artistic ability in his products, down to the vintage button hand sewn on each product. Thoughtful details like that are found throughout a customer’s interaction with the dapper and creative owner.

button detail

Although it’s not a family business, Button says that his wife, a native Alabamian, and his two children are very supportive of his work. Tiffany, his wife, will advise in the fabric selection department, but leaves all the creating to her sewing sweetie. His son, age 12, has reached the age where he wears his father’s custom pieces, and his daughter, age 14, has been inspired and enjoys sewing and creating her own designs as well.

Not to neglect the Junior Dapper Gentlemen, Button also has a line of onesies that include two pre-tied, snap on bow ties.

Not to neglect the Junior Dapper Gentlemen, Button also has a line of onesies that include two pre-tied, snap on bow ties.

Drawing inspiration from the creativity of designers like The Cordial Churchman and Otis James, Button strives to create pieces that are unique and focused on details.

Conveniently packaged and delivered, your high quality bow tie has a built in tab for easy closet hanging.

Conveniently packaged and delivered, your high quality bow tie has a built in tab for easy closet storage.

A customer will find the process of purchasing a custom creation from Button’s Bow Ties to be an absolute pleasure. From the initial contact to the delivered package, Button is completely committed to personalized customer service.

A southern gentleman with an entrepreneur dream, creative mindset, and focus on customer satisfaction…it’s a recipe for success if you ask me.

Button also offers his services in converting neckties into a custom made bow tie.

In addition to his creations, Button offers his services in converting neckties into a custom made bow tie.

What’s the future for Button’s Bow Ties? Currently he is focused on bow ties and pocket squares, but has ideas of expansion which I am confident will continue his reputation of quality products and superb customer service.

Available for viewing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, interested customers can contact Jason Button through private messaging for inquiries or to make purchases. Like and follow him to stay up-to-date on new developments and support a local creative designer.  It’s the dreams and ambitions of individuals like Jason Button that help us men of the world stay stylish!