Pushing His Buttons

Virginia Beach native, Jason Button, is keeping things tied up in Alabama’s capital city. The son of a skilled woodworker and a cross-stitching mother, Button has set out to create a business that provides the gents with quality bow ties and pocket squares.

button's bow ties

Button’s Bow Ties, a new development that began earlier this year, was never an initial plan for Button. With a career in industrial distribution, one doesn’t need a necktie for the office, but Button established his love for ties years ago. As a wardrobe requirement during his collegiate years, Button grew tired of donning an average necktie and found bow ties to be a fun alternative. However, even with his love for bow ties, Button says that fashion is not his forte.

So how does a man with no background in fashion set out to create a men’s line of bow ties and pocket squares?

By accident, of course! It all started with a search for watercolors. What was planned to be a creative weekend of painting ended up as a business venture that is opening doors for this busy, family man from Montgomery. While trying to locate the watercolors from storage, Button came across an old tie of his wife’s grandfather. After a brief tutorial from his sister-in-law, a very able seamstress, and some online research, Button quickly discovered how he could convert this old neck tie into a functioning bow tie. Through trial and error, paired with his parent’s influential work ethic and attention to detail, Button’s Bow Ties was born. It also doesn’t hurt that Button spent some time in his college art department, even considering Graphic Design for a career. You can definitely see his natural artistic ability in his products, down to the vintage button hand sewn on each product. Thoughtful details like that are found throughout a customer’s interaction with the dapper and creative owner.

button detail

Although it’s not a family business, Button says that his wife, a native Alabamian, and his two children are very supportive of his work. Tiffany, his wife, will advise in the fabric selection department, but leaves all the creating to her sewing sweetie. His son, age 12, has reached the age where he wears his father’s custom pieces, and his daughter, age 14, has been inspired and enjoys sewing and creating her own designs as well.

Not to neglect the Junior Dapper Gentlemen, Button also has a line of onesies that include two pre-tied, snap on bow ties.

Not to neglect the Junior Dapper Gentlemen, Button also has a line of onesies that include two pre-tied, snap on bow ties.

Drawing inspiration from the creativity of designers like The Cordial Churchman and Otis James, Button strives to create pieces that are unique and focused on details.

Conveniently packaged and delivered, your high quality bow tie has a built in tab for easy closet hanging.

Conveniently packaged and delivered, your high quality bow tie has a built in tab for easy closet storage.

A customer will find the process of purchasing a custom creation from Button’s Bow Ties to be an absolute pleasure. From the initial contact to the delivered package, Button is completely committed to personalized customer service.

A southern gentleman with an entrepreneur dream, creative mindset, and focus on customer satisfaction…it’s a recipe for success if you ask me.

Button also offers his services in converting neckties into a custom made bow tie.

In addition to his creations, Button offers his services in converting neckties into a custom made bow tie.

What’s the future for Button’s Bow Ties? Currently he is focused on bow ties and pocket squares, but has ideas of expansion which I am confident will continue his reputation of quality products and superb customer service.

Available for viewing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, interested customers can contact Jason Button through private messaging for inquiries or to make purchases. Like and follow him to stay up-to-date on new developments and support a local creative designer.  It’s the dreams and ambitions of individuals like Jason Button that help us men of the world stay stylish!

Childhood Dreams Defered

What do you want to be when you grow up?

This common question inundates us throughout our childhood.  When we are presented with this question our minds become a flurry of dreams and aspirations.  Although we may never become the astronaut, the superhero, or the guy that cooks the french fries at McDonalds, the idea of those careers excite us.

As we grow older, we begin to see that those childhood dreams quickly fade away and are replaced by more attainable goals that will pay us well, give our life purpose, and hopefully provide us with health insurance.  As we journey through life we oftentimes embark on side roads that allow us to explore our creativity and deep seeded passions.  The Stylish Steed has been one of those side roads.

After watching my great friend, Rebekah A. Faulk at Some Kinda Good, seek to satisfy her lust for life through her writing, I was inspired to pursue avenues that I once thought were silly for me to even think about.  Creating this blog was never something I thought I would do.  Over the past seven months, I have ventured out of my restricted mind and allowed myself to share my thoughts and ideas in regards to fashion, entertaining, and DIY decor.  Although I may never host The Chew  like Clinton Kelly, or provide articles for a major media publication, I have found happiness in creating my little corner of the internet.

With a desire to explore more of my “unknown dreams,” I am thrilled to announce the opening of my online store.  In a pursuit to clothe the world in stylish and timeless fashion, I am launching THE STYLISH STEED online boutique.

The Stylish Steed Store Logo

Focusing on women’s clothing and accessories, The Stylish Steed will offer quality products that will blend classic southern style with a modern feel and rustic details.  The selections reflect this American Prep aesthetic with clean lines, exciting colors and prints, and causal pieces that are timeless.

I not only hope that you will find items of interest in my store, but that you would also be inspired to pursue dreams that you never thought would be possible for you.  I have often been told that if your dreams don’t make you nervous, they aren’t big enough…so dream big.  I am so excited that you have joined me on my journey.  I absolutely love all the comments and encouragements that I have received from you all.  So put on your comfortable shoes and walk a little further with me down this side road of dreams.  You never know what paths you may find on that journey.

You will notice that a new header has been added to the top of the page labeled “STORE.”  By clicking that link, you will be directed to The Stylish Steed on-line boutique.  You can also visit the site at www.shopthestylishsteed.com.

Make sure to “like” my Facebook page to keep up-to-date as new merchandise is added.

The Dog Days of Denim

The oldest profession, the oldest trick in the book, the old maid….”old” is always considered the lesser, unless we are talking about the oldest wardrobe staple – DENIM!

Denim, a staple of modern fashion, is a go-to piece for almost any occasion.  Although some looks are a little more desirable than others, denim is always a classic.  With the Dog Days of Summer quickly approaching I felt it important to showcase
The Dog Days of Denim
by exploring ways to update this classic.

Guys can often get stuck in a rut when it comes to denim.  We can easily feel boring and drab because jeans are always in our wardrobe.  However, mixing up what we pair our denim with is often the kick we need.

Look #1

Denim Look 1 men A

A casual look incorporates the iconic Chambray Shirt.  By layering this piece over a Navy Crew Neck Tee and pairing it with a British Khaki Short, you can easily maneuver through any summer adventure.  A Ribbon Belt and pair of Canvas Sneakers makes this denim look cool and comfortable.

Look #2

Denim Look 2 Men A

 A bit of nautical touches to a pair of Cutoff Denim Shorts revamps the look and makes for a great outfit even if you aren’t near the shore!  A roll or two on the hem line of the shorts and you’ll be ready with your Sperry Top-Siders in red and your Multistripe Crew Neck Sweater.  Add an accessory like this double Braided Bracelet and you’re set for sailing…or any other activity you choose.

Look #3

Denim Look 3 men A

Not just a 90’s throwback anymore, these White Denim Jeans are a smart and stylish addition to your warm weather wardrobe.  Giving a pop of color with a Red Chambray Shirt adds to the personality of the outfit, especially when you have the hues in the shoes with these Buks Declan Oxfords.  Add a polished accessory like this Braided Leather Bracelet and you are sure to satisfy the desire for denim in everyone’s eye.

Look #4

Denim Look 4 men A

Classic and clean is the theme with True Worn Jeans and a Jacquard Dot Shirt.  A preppy and put together look, this versatile outfit is appropriate for most any occasion.  A Leather Loafer and Braided Belt compliment this summer ensemble perfectly.

Look #5

Denim Look 5 men A

I’m not normally a fan of the “less is more” mindset, until we talk about a basic white V Neck Tee and a Dark Rinse Jean.  Your tee should fit nicely to avoid looking messy.  Add a great bright sneaker like these Diesel Pass On and this is a timeless and casual look.

Ladies are no different.  You are guilty of depriving your denim from reaching its full potential.  Here are some great looks for your dog days that will test the limits of your denim collection.

Look #1

Denim Look 1 women A

Nothing says summertime like bright white denim.  This White Denim Skirt with a Textured Navy Top is the perfect amount of feminine appeal.  Pair this with a Cork Wedge and a little bling (Glittered Bangle Set) and you are a summer sensation.  Just make sure you’ve prepped those legs with some sunless tanning lotion so they don’t blend into your skirt.

Look #2

Denim Look 2 Women A

Every girl needs a pair of Boyfriend Jeans.  They are a great contrast in your wardrobe when paired with flirty details.  A drapey V-Neck Chiffon Blouse is perfect for all skin tones in this beautiful coral.  Some color contrasting details like these green and gold pieces (Skinny Belt, Green Link Bracelet, Oval Link Necklace) add a great layer of fun.  Finish it off with a Leather Platform Pump  and you will be hotter than the summer sun!

Look #3

Denim Look 3 Women A

Make another bright statement with these Cuffed Jeans.  Counterbalance with an industrial feel Chambray Shirt over a Lace Trimmed Tank and you have the perfect combination.  Don’t forget the devil is in the details!  A great Woven Leather Wedge and a colorful scarf worn traditional around your neck or even in your hair is an added pop that will really set this look off.

Look #4

Denim Look 4 women A

Coastal is king yet again when you pair a Classic Chambray Shirt with a Striped Maxi Dress.  Consider wearing the shirt open and knot the bottom corners together to achieve an effortless look.  Add a statement color with this Bib Necklace and Red Stone Ring to increase the interest in this outfit.  A strappy Leather Wedge will pull this look together for an awesome look that’s fit for any summer soiree.

Look #5

Denim Look 5 women A

This final outfit is a perfect balance of dainty and deconstructed.  By pairing a destroyed denim like the Raw Edge Skimmer Jean with a girly Lace Tee you satisfy both worlds.  Add a flirty Patent Platform Pump with an assortment of gold accessories (Tassel Necklace, Linked Watch, and Chain Bracelet) and you are sure to turn heads.

Dust off your denim for summer and reinvent this classic.  The Dog Days of Summer are hard enough to get through.  Don’t make your wardrobe suffer too.  Rework your drab denim into fresh ensembles that will help you beat the heat and stay stylish!


Dare to Bear…Dare to Share

The only thing better than being fashionable is being fashionable AND philanthropic.

As a preppy boy who loves hot Alabama days, I am a huge fan of bearing a little leg when the weather gets warm.  Not to be boastful, but The Stylish Steed has been told on more than one occasion that he has nice legs.  Why not show them off?!?!

In my pursuit for new preppy short shorts, I discovered a great company that I had never heard of before today.

Bearbottom Logo

Bearbottom Clothing is a great company offering “the best shorts in the world.”  These awesome, leg bearing shorts are the perfect addition to your preppy wardrobe for the hot summer days that are quickly approaching.  Currently available in 17 color options with sizes S – XL (26″-38″), Bearbottom hopes that you will dare to bear with their 5.5″ inseams.  With colors ranging from traditional colors like Victory and Shark Fin to bright, eye catching hues like Strawberry Fields and Night Sight, you are sure to find a color that will suit your needs and your wardrobe.
Color Swatch Bearbottom

While stocking your closet with the “best shorts in the world,” you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.  All the shorts sold by Bearbottom are only $30 or purchase two pair for $49.50.  Free shipping is included with every order, and it doesn’t stop there either!  To ensure that you are completely pleased with your Bearbottoms, they provide free shipping both ways in the U.S.  If you receive your shorts and they don’t fit like you hoped, you can send them back free of charge for an exchange or a refund.

Bear Bottom Assortment

So now that you are looking fashionable in your new Bearbottom shorts, where does the philanthropy come into play?  I’m glad you asked….

In addition to providing you with shorts that you WANT, Bearbottom also has a mission of giving shorts to those in NEED.  With their 2 Bearbottoms mission, every pair of shorts you purchase provides a pair of shorts to a child in need of clothing.  Nothing is better than giving back to those in need.  I love to support companies who have a mind for missions and incorporate that into their business model.  Bearbottom makes it easy for you to share while you bear!

So whether you live in the land of cubicles during the week and need to trade in your trousers on the weekend, or you’re a college guy with a need for new duds for summer classes, Bearbottom is a great addition to your summer wardrobe.  Purchase a few pair today and give a few to a child in need.  After all, giving back is always in season.  It’s the best way to stay stylish!


It’s My Style in a Box

Red carpet celebrities, regardless of the event, almost always look amazing.  These celebrities have a team of individuals who work tirelessly to create this masterpiece.  With TV shows like The Rachel Zoe Project and It’s a Brad Brad World, we see the intense work that a stylist must go through to find the perfect look for their client.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, us commoners are struggling to feel “pretty” on the gray carpet at our office.  And our stylist? Cameron, a part-time worker at the department store who’s a sophomore at the local community college.  Not quite the same!

The struggle is real!!!
Or is it?!?!?!?!

We now have a style advocate in our corner.  I am excited to tell you about two companies to assist you in your pursuit of style and fashion.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you your new personal stylist!



Front Door Fashion

Ladies, your style has arrived with Front Door Fashion (FDF).  A Dallas, Texas-based company, FDF was founded in 2013 by two friends who fell into the rut of wearing the same old stuff, but had no time to shop.  Sound familiar?

Whether you need something for a special occasion or need to rework your entire wardrobe, FDF offers you a personal stylist with over 40 major name brands to help with your fashion needs.

The process is simple.  By filling out a personal style profile on their website, FDF finds out about your likes and dislikes, sizes and styles. This free profile allows a talented stylist to begin looking at your needs.  Within two weeks, you will receive a custom box created just for you with 4-6 fully accessorized looks.  Your style in a box will arrive at your front door and allows you to try on these looks in the comfort of your own home.  Keep what you like and send back the items that don’t work for you.

Here’s the kicker!  This service is FREE!  You only pay for the items you keep.  FDF even covers shipping both ways.  It’s a win/win!

FDF provides a box of style to fit all your needs.

FDF provides a box of style to fit YOUR needs

For those of you in the Dallas area, you can make an appointment to meet in person with your stylist.  You arrive with a dressing room set up just for you.


Front Door Fashion is an awesome company that provides quality styling, superb customer service, and fashionable items that meet your needs.  Give your busy life a break, and let the professionals at FDF provide you with new looks right to your doorstep.

Trunk Club

Now fellas, you know I can’t leave you in the dark.  I am equally impressed with a Chicago based company, Trunk Club (TC), who offers personal styling for men.

TC comes to the rescue by providing a personal stylist who can hand-pick amazing garments from over 50 high-end brands to fit your specific needs.  Whether you are in the market for some new clothes for an upcoming trip, a special event, or just want an updated wardrobe, the highly professional stylists at TC will put together the perfect trunk for you.

trunk club box contents

With a variety of options, TC provides everything from outerwear to accessories

After personally using TC, I am more than impressed with the company and the FREE services they offer.  After completing a very brief customer profile highlighting sizes, personal style preferences, and desired clothing needs, your personal stylist will contact you to discuss your style needs in detail.  Your stylist personally selects items and ships them to your doorstep free of charge.  After trying your items on you select which items you want to keep.  Returning the unwanted wanted items (also free of charge) is convenient and simple because TC provides all the shipping labels and return instructions. You are only charged for the items you chose to keep.

TC also makes available in-person style consultations.  With locations in Chicago and Dallas, you can also make an appointment to visit their ultra hip offices and experience TC in person…they even provide you with a cocktail while they work.

Trunk-Club fitting

With your garments ready for fitting, you receive personal attention from your stylist

A super friendly staff of stylists, paired with awesome clothing that is delivered free to your home, could easily  make TC man’s best friend!

No more struggling through the store crowds to find limited selections and sizes.  Let you personal stylist handle it all.

Whether you’re male or female, classic or casual, boardroom or boardwalk, you can find all you need with Front Door Fashion and Trunk Club.  Try these great companies today and experience the ease and excitement of a personal stylist that will guarantee to help you stay stylish!

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